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Anyone at anytime can become a member of Michigan Movement 

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Just complete 3 of the 5 requirements

1. Attend two volunteer events per semester

2. Attend one fundraising event per semester

3. Attend one social event per semester 

4. Attend three member meetings 

5. Attend three committee meetings

Must pay $25 annual membership fee (cost of 1 care package) 

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If $25 membership fee paid 

  1. MIM t-shirt 
  2. MIM laptop sticker

If $25 membership fee paid and 3 of 5 requirements completed

  1. MIM t-shirt
  2. MIM laptop sticker
  3. Listed as member on MIM website 
  4. Able to use MIM as reference (resumes/applications)
  5. Discounted MIM gear (hats, sweatpants, long sleeve, quarter zips) 
  6. Eligible for member of the semester/year award