What is innovative about Michigan Movement (MIM)?

Our mission: MIM believes every individual, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or personal beliefs, deserves access to basic needs and healthcare. Rooted in sustainability, innovation, and collaboration, students provide aid to individuals and families experiencing homelessness and poverty in the local community. 

MIM believes in three P’s to making progress:

  1. Provision of basic daily necessities

  2. Promotion of individual autonomy through education, health and wellness

  3. Passion for community engagement and social advocacy.




The only organization

We are the only student organization at U of M whose main goal is to provide aid to those experiencing homelessness or poverty in our local community. 

Although there are other service organizations on campus, there are none that primarily focus on empowering the homeless population by directly working with them. 

MPower 2017 19.jpg

We listen

MIM listens to those experiencing homelessness and works together with the community to effectively discover innovative ways to help. We cater programs and services that target specific needs of this population through actively listening and recognizing every individual's fundamental needs.

I’m impressed with the work Michigan Movement has accomplished and the positive impact they continue to make in our community
— Amanda Carlisle, Executive Director of Washtenaw Housing Alliance